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    Correspondence file between Taylor & others and Town Clerk, City of Melbourne, re Westwood Place, 10 May 1867, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Westwood Place

Located between Exhibition and Spring streets, Westwood Place extends from Bourke Street to Little Collins Street. It was named pre-1856 after carpenter James Westwood who, in 1839, was the builder for the first Albion Hotel on Bourke Street. In 1860, Westwood Place was occupied by a plumber, dairyman, butcher and baker. By May 1867, proprietors of properties adjoining this lane collectively requested the Council to have the laneway paved. This pressure suggests increased access and use of this lane by people and carts in the latter decades of the nineteenth century. In 2002-2003, Westwood Place was host to Sahra Stolz's art installation 'Up Periscope' as part of the City of Melbourne's Laneway Commissions program.

Biheng Zhang

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