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    Wayne Knitting Mills, 15 November 1912 - 15 Nov 1912, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

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Wayne Knitting Mills

Letter to Town Clerk John Clayton thanking him for his response to questions this committee had asked him. The president of Wayne Knitting Mills, FM Thieme, has written on company letterhead, but was writing as the Indiana State Chairman of the Business System of Government Committee. In this letter, he is pleased to state that Melbourne is governed by good principles that have been ignored up to the present time in American municipalities, but which it is the object of his Committee to recommend for implementation in his town.

15 November 1912 - 15 Nov 1912
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Physical description

Letter, typewritten. Black-ink letterhead includes a large drawing of the Wayne Knitting Mills, and the legend "Established 1891", " Capital, $1,200,000".

PROV VPRS 3183/P0001/121, 1912/7806
Archival Source
VPRS 3183 City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Correspondence Files II, 1910 - 1982; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details