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The Paper City exhibition was held at the City Gallery, Melbourne, 14 July 2011 to 31 October 2011.

The idea of the Paper City was conceived after the three curators - graphic designer Stephen Banham, artist Christine Eid and historian Andrew May - sorted through over a century and a half of correspondence received by the City of Melbourne and variously housed in its Art and Heritage Collection, Archive and at the Public Record Office Victoria repository. From over 10,000 letterheads, a little more than 250 were selected as showcase items, selected for their social or historical significance, striking symbolism or distinctive design features.

The images can be viewed online through the eMelbourne Letterheads gallery page.

Banham, Stephen, Eid, Christine and Andrew May, Paper City, An exploration of symbols and images from the City's vast archive of historic letterheads, City of Melbourne, 2011. Also available at http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/citygallery/Exhibitions/Documents/PaperCity_Catalogue.pdf. Details
May, Andrew J, Stephen Banham and Christine Eid, 'Paper ambassadors: letterheads and the iconography of urban modernity', Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, no. 13, 2014, http://prov.vic.gov.au/publications/provenance/provenance2014/paper-ambassadors. Details