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City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection

The City of Melbourne manages an Art and Heritage Collection comprising both objects and artworks (indoor and outdoor). The outdoor component of the Collection includes around 150 artworks, while the indoor element is made up of approximately 6000 historical and contemporary objects including civic and ceremonial objects, commemorative objects, sister city gifts, architectural drawings, streetscape images of Melbourne as well as a contemporary art collection. The Collection is used predominantly by researchers as well as by the City Gallery, located on the ground level at the Melbourne Town Hall, which draws upon the Collection for its annual program of five contemporary art and social history exhibitions. An Acquisitions Panel continues to acquire contemporary art with a particular focus on indigenous artwork. Many of the artworks acquired by the council are displayed within the Melbourne Town Hall.


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Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial
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Architectural Fragment
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Bird Panels
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Civic Treasures
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Conservatory Fountain (aka Boy With Serpent, and Ornamental Fountain)
Councillor William Cook Memorial Drinking Fountain
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Domed Drinking Fountain
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French Fountain
General Charles Gordon Memorial
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George Hawkins Ievers Memorial Drinking Fountain
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A History Apparatus - Vessel, Craft And Beacon
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Hotham Hill Pavement Inlay
Hotham Hill Seat
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James C. Roberts Memorial
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John Batman Memorial
John Batman Memorial
John F. Kennedy Memorial
John Pascoe Fawkner Memorial
King Edward VII Memorial
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Lake Waterfall
Larry La Trobe
Lie Of The Land
Macpherson Robertson Fountain
Man With The Donkey (aka Private John Simpson and his Little Donkey)
Marquis Of Linlithgow Statue
Mary Gilbert Memorial
Melbourne City Council
Mermaid And Fish
Miraggio (aka Seated Figure)
Model Tudor Village
North Melbourne Drinking Fountain (Aka Henderson Drinking Fountain, And Hotham Ornamental Fountain)
Nurse Edith Cavell Memorial
Painted Poles (City Square)
Painted Poles (State Library Of Victoria)
The Pathfinder (aka The Hammer Thrower)
Pavement Tiles
People's Path
Personal Islands
Peter Pan
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Pioneer Monument
Pioneer Women's Memorial
Port Phillip Monument
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Queen Victoria Memorial
R.J. & F.G.J. Hardy Memorial Drinking Fountain
Railway Viewing Platform
Resting Place
Reynold's Reserve Drinking Fountain
River God Fountain (aka Old Man Fountain, and Neptune)
Robert Burns Memorial
Samuel Mauger Drinking Fountain
Sculpture and Memorials
Separation Memorial
Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop statue
Sir John Monash Statue
Sir Thomas Blamey Memorial
Sir William Brunton Drinking Fountain
Sir William John Clarke Statue
South African War Memorial (aka Memorial To Fallen Soldiers, and Monument To The 5th Victorian Contingent)
Stanford Fountain
Stapley Memorial Drinking Fountain
Statue Of Meditation
Temple Of The Winds
Thomas Ferguson Memorial Drinking Fountain
Three Businessmen Who Brought Their Own Lunch: Batman, Swanston And Hoddle
Tilly Aston Bell
Time And Tide
Vault (aka Yellow Peril)
Walker Fountain
Water Children
The Water Nymph
Westgarth Drinking Fountain
William Ievers Jnr Memorial Drinking Fountain
William Ievers Snr Memorial Drinking Fountain
Wind Contrivance
Within Three Worlds
Zoo Paving