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Samuel Mauger Drinking Fountain

Artist unknown
Granite drinking fountain
Corner of Victoria Parade and Landsdowne Street

Drinking fountains such as this dot the city fabric and are culturally significant heritage artefacts. They find their roots in the reformist ways of the temperance movement, providing a morally astute alternative to the evils of a city pub. The link between the artefact and its emergence is nicely captured in this fountain, erected in memory of the former postmaster general Samuel Mauger. Mauger was a passionate advocate for social justice. He formed the Anti-Sweating Labour League of Victoria, was a ceaseless advocate for humanitarian legislation, was involved in the temperance movement and served as president of the Total Abstinence Society. He was also a foundation member of the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade Board, and for many years served as a volunteer fire fighter.

The inscription on this simple granite fountain attests to the respect Mauger commanded: 'Erected by commonwealth admirers in memory of/ Samuel Mauger/ .../ Industrial, prison, temperance & social reformer/ He gave his life in the service of mankind/ This memorial is erected to commemorate the life and achievement/ of one who spent his years in seeking to serve his fellow men/ "Go thou and do likewise"'.

It was unveiled in the reserve in front of the Eastern Hill Fire Station on 26 June 1937.

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