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The Echo

Edward Ginger
Steel plate sculpture with polyurethane paint
Corner of Swanston and Little Bourke Streets

Born in Sri Lanka in 1951, Edward Ginger arrived in Australia in 1975 after completing his studies at the College of Fine Arts, Sri Lanka. He undertook further studies in sculpture and printmaking at RMIT.

Ginger's non-figurative The Echo takes its inspiration from Melbourne's rich and diverse cultures, particularly its Asian cultures. Both the design and vibrant sienna colouring of the work have strong associations with Eastern spirituality. The Echo is sited close to and Chinatown and what was, at the time of installation, the Bank of Hong Kong, with the intention of connecting the work to its cultural environment. The design also seeks to integrate disparate aspects; Ginger has incorporated seating to encourage passers-by to linger and interact with the sculpture, and to see it as part of the streetscape rather than as an interloper from the lofty world of art.

The Echo was commissioned in 1992 as part of the Swanston Walk Public Art Project, but its fabrication and installation were delayed due to a lack of sponsorship. It was unveiled on the eve of Chinese New Year 1997, the year following its completion.

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