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    Paul Duval, 12 July 1962, courtesy of City of Melbourne.

digitised record

Paul Duval

Letter from Cr. Peter Andrews to Lord Mayor Maurice Nathan thanking him for the previous evening's Lord Mayor's Ball.

12 July 1962
Town Hall
Physical description

Letter, typewritten in black ink on Paul Duval stationery. The return address, which forms part of the letterhead, has been xxxxed out on the typewriter. The remaining letterhead in blue ink features "Paul Duval" in mock-cursive font in the top left-hand corner, with contact details on the right. Across the bottom of the page (footer) reads the legend "Individually blended face powders and personalised cosmetics" in blue ink.

MCC Collection: Letters of thanks / Lord Mayor Ball 1962
Archival Source
Art and Heritage Collection; City of Melbourne. Details