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    Rendle & Sons, 18 September 1908, courtesy of City of Melbourne.

digitised record

Rendle & Sons

Letter from Rendle & Sons asking whether their signboard must still be removed according to municipal by-laws: the board had stood in place for many years before being recently removed, repainted and re-erected.

18 September 1908
244 and 246 Smith Street, Collingwood; 144 Flinders Street
Physical description

Letter, typewritten in blue ink. Letterhead features a black-and-white photo of the premises in Smith Street, Collingwood. The letterhead advertises "Carpets, Oilcloths, Ironmongery, Drapery, etc." "Rendle & Sons, Furniture Warehousemen" is written in bold letters, along with "Cash or Terms".

MCC Archive The Building Surveyors September 1907 (Blue Cover)
Archival Source
Art and Heritage Collection; City of Melbourne. Details