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    Jageurs & Son, Monumental Sculptors, 7 August 1916, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

digitised record

Jageurs & Son, Monumental Sculptors

Letter from Jageurs and Son requesting a site inspection by a representative of Town Hall before work begins on a granite fountain at the entrance to Royal Park.

7 August 1916
Sydney Road, Parkville; Royal Park; Royal Park Monumental Works
Physical description

Letter, typewritten in blue ink. Letterhead in black ink features a picture of the Royal Park Monumental Works, which appear to consist of a two-storey terrace with a large work and display yard. In the top right is the legend "Established 1875." The words "Jageurs and Son Ppty Ltd" are written below the large picture in a large monumental font.

PROV VPRS 3183/P0001/282, 1916/4109
Archival Source
VPRS 3183 City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Correspondence Files II, 1910 - 1982; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details