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    Australian Women's National League, 12 December 1916, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

digitised record

Australian Women's National League

Letter from the President of the Australian Women's National League protesting that though Miss Adela Pankhurst was not allowed to speak at a recent Town Hall meeting, a letter of hers was read out to applause. The President requests that such tactics not be used in the future to allow for the airing of views of such speakers as Miss Adela Pankhurst.

12 December 1916
Mercantile Chambers, 349 Collins Street
Physical description

Letter, typewritten in blue ink. Letterhead features the words "Australian Women's National League" in an ornate bold font.

PROV VPRS 3183/P0001/295, 1916/5961
Archival Source
VPRS 3183 City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Correspondence Files II, 1910 - 1982; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details