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Western Market

Located on a site bounded by Market, Collins and William streets and Flinders Lane, the Western Market opened in December 1841 on a site that had been reserved for market purposes in 1837. With the privately and publicly built stalls quickly becoming dishevelled, and theft and disorder abounding, the Council attempted to tidy the market by erecting two rows of brick connected by an arcade in 1847. After the unofficial 'Rag Fair' of the same purpose was shut down in Flinders Street, homeless immigrants camped at the site, selling their belongings from suitcases during the day. A two-storey building was commenced in 1856 but the market lost stallholders to the increasingly popular Eastern Market. However, it remained Melbourne's wholesale fruit and vegetable market until 1930, when tenants were moved to 60 brick stores built at the Queen Victoria Market. In 1934 the old market site was leased as a car park.

Sally Ruljancich

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