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    Mundell & Co., Sack & Bag Merchants, 17 June 1901, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

digitised record

Mundell & Co., Sack & Bag Merchants

Letter from Mundell and Co. complaining ('again') about the bin in front of their premises that interferes with the packing and unpacking of lorries, is constantly being broken by lorries running into it, and serves as a meeting place for street cleaners whose 'language is by no means the choicest'. The letter writer suggests that the bin be moved to the opposite side of the street, where there are no shops, and adds that the bin is currently broken.

17 June 1901
Flinders Street, Melbourne.
Physical description

Letter, handwritten in black ink in a right-slanting hand. Letterhead features on the left a black-and-white photograph of the warehouse on Flinders Street, in which the complained-of bin is absent. The right side features a sack with the words "Mundell & Co. Bag and Sack Merchants, Melbourne". In the centre is the company name (here "Sack and Bag Merchants"), and "Branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide", and the legend "Importers and exporters of new and second-hand bags of every description".

PROV VPRS 3181/870 1901/2381
Archival Source
VPRS 3181 City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Files Series 1, 1842 - 1910; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details