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    Correspondence file between James Denton & others and City of Melbourne, re Knox Place, 2 October 1867, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Knox Place

Knox Place is located between Swanston and Elizabeth streets. It runs from Swanston Street into Knox Lane, which opens to Little Lonsdale Street. In 1870, Knox Place contained a coachbuilder, boot-upper manufacturer and a boarding house run by Miss Twohy. There were also several residential homes as well as a store run by John Hill in the place.

Coop's Shot Tower and Flanking Building were constructed in Knox Place between 1889 and 1890 and are still standing inside the current Melbourne Central Complex. Coop's Shot Tower was used to manufacture lead shot, as well as a range of other lead products, until it was closed in 1960. It was unoccupied until it was subsumed into the current shopping complex in the late 1980s. The buildings now serve as an insight into the character of nineteenth century architecture and industrialisation.

Patricia Mcmullan

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